Sewage Scenarios

The #SewageScandal (in the UK) is both entirely predictable and entirely unavoidable given the status quo. It’s the inevitable conclusion of the current scenario we are moving toward. Let me explain: A couple of years ago I was hired to empirically create long-term scenarios for water management in Southeast England, paid for by Southern Water … Continue reading Sewage Scenarios

Invasive ‘Eco-Austerity’ Algorithms: A Horrible Green Dream

Digital algorithms are becoming pervasive. In a moment of reflection on them a dystopian scenario of the future occurred to me. In this future, ‘life’ will have been further converted into transactions. There is a tendency in capitalism to already think of any relation between things as a transactional exchange. Algorithmic capitalism increases this in … Continue reading Invasive ‘Eco-Austerity’ Algorithms: A Horrible Green Dream

2040 FilmReview

This flash documentary attracted my attention as it explicitly describes itself as focussing on regeneration rather than conservation, protection, sustainability etc. That is it overcomes the two main principles of dominant environmental narratives; assuming people are by default exploitative and that the living environment or ‘resources’ are zero-sum and finite. Regenerative agriculture and agroforestry have … Continue reading 2040 FilmReview