Notes of Covid as approach end of 2021

“The development of a safe, effective and cheap vaccine, however, is only a first step towards community-wide control. Epidemiological, economic and motivational issues are at least as important as technological ones.” Nature, 1985 Vaccine implementation defines the efficacy of vaccines role in influencing a pandemic. How, when, to whom, by whom, where, why, timescale are … Continue reading Notes of Covid as approach end of 2021

Europeans and Omicron: The Children of Hercules

This pandemic isn’t a random mutation of Nature. It’s a living product of imperial imagination In Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite, I combed through 12,000 years of evidence on how people have related to ‘Nature’. Notably, a key shift toward a binary between people and ‘Nature’ was the ‘othering’ of life outside fixed imperial settlements. … Continue reading Europeans and Omicron: The Children of Hercules

Sewage Scenarios

The #SewageScandal (in the UK) is both entirely predictable and entirely unavoidable given the status quo. It’s the inevitable conclusion of the current scenario we are moving toward. Let me explain: A couple of years ago I was hired to empirically create long-term scenarios for water management in Southeast England, paid for by Southern Water … Continue reading Sewage Scenarios

How To Count

A short extract from my thesis on Hunting in Northern Cyprus, pages 155-162. Whilst I talk here about counting hunters and hunting, the same approach to critical and analytical thinking used below can be used when counting populations of anything or anyone from potatoes to dragonflies, from patients to priests. I was sitting opposite Hasan, … Continue reading How To Count