Notes of Covid as approach end of 2021

“The development of a safe, effective and cheap vaccine, however, is only a first step towards community-wide control. Epidemiological, economic and motivational issues are at least as important as technological ones.” Nature, 1985 Vaccine implementation defines the efficacy of vaccines role in influencing a pandemic. How, when, to whom, by whom, where, why, timescale are … Continue reading Notes of Covid as approach end of 2021

Europeans and Omicron: The Children of Hercules

This pandemic isn’t a random mutation of Nature. It’s a living product of imperial imagination In Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite, I combed through 12,000 years of evidence on how people have related to ‘Nature’. Notably, a key shift toward a binary between people and ‘Nature’ was the ‘othering’ of life outside fixed imperial settlements. … Continue reading Europeans and Omicron: The Children of Hercules

Sewage Scenarios

The #SewageScandal (in the UK) is both entirely predictable and entirely unavoidable given the status quo. It’s the inevitable conclusion of the current scenario we are moving toward. Let me explain: A couple of years ago I was hired to empirically create long-term scenarios for water management in Southeast England, paid for by Southern Water … Continue reading Sewage Scenarios