Avi’ ‘Abraham’ ‘Ibo’

I am trained in Social Anthropology and Social Science Research Methods. I have 6 years of research experience, 2 years of teaching experience and I am at the beginning of my writing career. I work with practitioners and academics from multiple fields. If you want to step into the messy spaghetti of reality and enjoy the feast, I invite you to dine with me.

I focus on how human-environmental and human-human relations shape each other over time. I have conducted interdisciplinary research on fisheries, historical ecology, hunting and environmental management.

This has involved working with farmers, labourers, hobbyists, administrators, politicians, managers, infrastructures, animals, landscapes, documents, archaeological remains and future possibilities.

This has resulted in publications, networks and stakeholder engagement. I am currently interested in assessing complex adaptive systems, their histories, their current conditions, comparing them and tracing out the possibilities afforded.


Research Associate University of Kent, Southern Water and Medway Catchment Partnership (2019-current)

Developing future scenarios for Medway Water Catchment in south-east England, to support its stakeholders in realising a better future. More

Research Associate Max Planck Institute, Germany (2018-19)

Developing a conceptual framework for future resource-use whilst addressing current debates, included cataloguing case studies to inform its realization.

PhD Social Anthropology University of Kent, UK (2014-18)

A total of 17 months fieldwork including participant observation, surveys, semi-structured interviews, archival research, critical statistics, discourse analysis, ethnography, genetics, animal behaviour & interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • Lecturer Human Ecology and Liberal Arts (2017-18)
  • Conference Organiser Make Social Science Great Again (2017)
  • Founder Hunting Studies Network (2015)
  • Assistant Director Change:HOW? (2015)
  • MA Environmental Anthropology (2014)
  • Project Leader EU-YIA on Community Resilience in the UK (2013)
  • BA First Class Honours (2012)
  • Diploma Fine Art (2012)

Where am I from?

Growing up in a caravan circling the Mediterranean Sea, I did not make friends with any one land. Over time I came to associate with the Med instead. In my teens my family paused on one of its islands, leading to a connection that has continued to grow ever since. Hence, I am most at home with the fauna, flora, fungi, fruits, foods and fellow folk of Northern Cyprus. Especially Sea Turtles. I have even developed a whole theoretical framework for regenerative trade associations around Halloumi/Hellim Cheese. Sephardi, Traveller, London, Sufi and Schwäbisch are also important threads of  my heritage.